Project Name
Work Done
  • Design
  • iOS
  • Marketing
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Technologies & Tools
  • iOS native w/ Swift
  • Sketch & Illustrator
  • AVFoundation
  • Vision
  • CoreGraphics
  • CoreImage
  • Photos

Snap is an analog photo scanning app which allows you to digitize your collection in seconds.

Put an analog photo in the frame of your camera, Snap detects it and you just tap to save it to your library. The perspective will be automatically corrected and a high-quality digital scan will appear in your phone photo library.




  • Jonathan says:

    Hi, do you have any plans in supporting the digitizing of color and black/white negatives with the Polar app?

    • igor.rinkovec says:

      Not for now, but that is a nice idea for a project in the future. Check this out in the meantime.

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