Project Name
Work Done
  • Design
  • Web App
  • Slack Integration
Technologies & Tools
  • Sketch & Illustrator
  • PHP w/ Symfony 3
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • BotMan Framework
  • Slack API
  • NLP
  • Recommendation System

FoodBot allows company employees to order lunch quickly via Slack.

The goal of FoodBot is to streamline the process of ordering food in smaller companies by simply communicating with a Slack bot. FoodBot automatically orders everything and handles payment for each person so you don’t have to carry cash.

How does FoodBot work?

FoodBot checks the daily menus of all enabled restaurants for the Slack Workspace. Every morning at 9:00 AM it will ask everyone in the company if they would like to order.


After the person selects their desired food items they can confirm their order and the order amount is automatically deducted from their account. If there is not enough money available it will prompt them to go pay by cash or fill-up.

The administrator handles the fill-ups and cash payments and can mark each order as paid on the online interface.

The bot will now automatically dial the restaurant and make an order using Text-to-speech technology. The restaurant can, however, click 9 on their phone and get connected to the admin if they have some questions.

After the order arrives, admin marks the order as Delivered and everyone eating from that restaurant gets a notification telling them that the order has arrived.

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